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Search Engine Optimisation

We are the emerging top leading SEO Company in India, Our process and belief makes us different from our competitors and so for our clients. We think differently and this difference makes us better than the others. Don’t go with the common folks; think different if you want to be different.

Our goal is your success and your success means our success, our dedicated expert’s team is ready to take you on the top of your competitors.

“Better search ranking means more traffic and more traffic means more business” this definition is old now, somehow it reflects the meaning but not fully. Today only traffic is not only the concern the main thing is business. How to increase Business? Definitely business can only increase with Quality Traffic and for quality traffic Logic and Processes should be different from others.

We believe in Quality Traffic, traffic which gives you business, and with quality traffic you can get your conversions, Conversions may be of any type and vary from business to business. Some business wants branding, some wants sell, some wants enquiry etc.

In today’s SEO is not just being a method of analyzing keywords, Meta tags, keyword density and tools etc. From time to time different search engines have changed their algorithm and it is becoming more complex and more difficult to be present on the top of the search result. We have experts with over decades of experience in this field.

Our affordable SEO Services are designed to keep these things in mind. We ensure you to provide the best SEO Services, Just need your believe.

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How is X-PLORE Logic SEO unique?
check We provide apt content for our client’s site. We do not deceive the users by superficial or incorrect portrayal of information; rather we provide the necessary information as have been advertised. Deceiving the users can only lead to your site visitors switching to another site that provides pertinent information.
check We are strictly against Black Hat SEO techniques, as we are aware that they can help in giving the initial momentum to the site but with unethical usages the sites can get banned forever. Therefore we do not believe in taking any shortcut methods that would do more harm than good to our clients’ sites.
check We provide simple navigation facilities, as broken links can lead to incomplete penetration of the search engine spiders, thereby impacting your site rankings
check We do proper tagging of all the pages to increase page rankings

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