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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising is just what it pay when and only when someone clicks on your online advertisement and visits your site. In effect it is a pay for performance form of advertising in that you only pay when your ad does what it is intended to do, being attract potential customers to your web site or online business.

Paid Advertising or Pay Per Click (PPC) appear at the top and rhs of search results in a shaded box titled "Sponsored Search" and have some advantages over organic, relevancy or free search results in that:

  1. You control the marketing message delivered to potential clients
  2. PPC is far more responsive in that changes are implemented immediately.

Search engine optimisation is fantastic. But sometimes it can take a bit of time to settle in. It's not a quick fix. If you are looking for leads and your deadline is NOW it might be time to consider some pay-per-click advertising.

X-PLORE Logic takes away the headache of managing your own campaigns with 100% measurable campaigns managed by certified consultants.There's a lot going on behind the scenes in pay per click management and we know the ins and outs. We'll help you find the best valued keywords for your market by determining niches your competitors may be missing. We'll work with you to develop your online ad copy and help you allocate and manage your budget. We'll get you up to speed on tracking the performance of your ads and advise you on ways to improve your pay-per-click advertising strategy.


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